Our company is focused on identifying and acquiring value-add multi-family and single family properties located within in-fill areas of Los Angeles.

Our Company

We use independent and conservative judgement in our investment opportunities while partnering with some of the best design, engineering, and consulting firms in the city to ensure not only success of the project, but to provide competitive, desirable, and innovative homes for families to live in.

Jonathon Dilworth

Founding Principal

Jonathon Dilworth is the Principal of C & D Partners. Mr. Dilworth’s real estate investment management experience includes more than 10 years of senior management positions with private and institutional companies, as well as, entrepreneurial ventures, including all aspects of capital formation, property acquisitions, land development, asset management and dispositions.

He is responsible for originating and identifying value-add opportunities for the company, ranging from underwriting of new acquisitions, conducting due diligence, market research and creating property specific business plans. He is actively involved in the creation and modification of investment strategies for the company’s portfolio through asset management, refinancing, and the disposition of assets.

In addition, Mr. Dilworth manages the company’s developments and major renovations of multi-family, retail, tenant improvements and single-family home projects in Southern California.


C&D Partners’ development focus is in multi-family apartments and small lot subdivision development projects in the Greater Los Angeles area. 


Our aquisition focus is on middle-market apartments and opportunities where we can improve net operating income through value-add renovations, asset management and efficiencies in operations.


Our projects in the Greater Los Angeles area.